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You are probably here because you are looking for information on quality affordable watches to buy for yourself or your loved ones, well we have the perfect list of tried and tested quality affordable watch brands for you.

Before we drill into the topic, let me first establish our credibility on the subject matter. This article is published by an ecommerce store www.fancylifestyles24.com which has sold over 10 000 watches across over 100 watch brands, sourced around the globe. Thus this is not another google researched article but rather a well experimented knowledge established over a period of over 5 years.

What is quality?

Although quality watches definition may slightly differ from person to person, there are a few common expectations of what quality watches are. Quality watches should remain functional for at least the duration of the warranty period which is generally accepted to be a minimum of a year. Beyond this point it is expected to remain functional for another 1 to 3 years depending on how frequent the watch is worn.

What is affordable?

Obviously affordable is relative from every person’s income for a specific price, however a generally accepted definition of affordable is being able to purchase the item without having to take any loan or with no or little budgeting to do. With this baseline definition we can now conclude affordable as what most individuals would be able to purchase without compromising day to day necessities.

Here is a list of quality affordable brands for men’s watches and ladies watches from fancylifestyles:

1. Naviforce Watches

Naviforce WatchNaviforce Ladies Watches








 2. Megir Watches

3. Lige Watches

Lige Mens WatchLige Ladies Watch

4. Curren Watches


5. Mini Focus Watches

mini focus mens watchesmini focus watches for women

6. Guou Watches

 Guou watches for women

7. Break Watches

Break mens watch for sale

8. Skmei Watches

Skmei mens digital watch for sale

9. Benyar Watch

Benyar Mens watch

10. Smael watches

Smael mens watches

This is but a few affordable quality watches, more can be browsed from our webiste: www.fancylifestyles24.com

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